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Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks: He is middle-aged, selfassured and confident. A billionaire businessman, he opens his home…and finally his heart to Annie Baritone (C – high F)


Annie: a tough, streetwise urchin who is nevertheless vulnerable. Motherly, independent, needy and, at times, aggressive: a complex character.  She is looking for her birth parents and ends up getting adopted by Oliver Warbucks. Mezzo-Soprano (A – High F)  (Usual playing age of 11 – but may be cast older)


The Principal Orphans: gritty, neglected and vulnerable, yet honest and potentially loveable. Molly (5 years younger than Annie)

Pepper (1 year older than Annie)

Duffy (2 years older than Annie)

Kate (4 years younger than Annie)

Tessie (1 year younger than Annie)

July (2 years older than Annie)


Sandy: An abandoned mix-breed dog that becomes Annie’s faithful companion after she rescues him.


Grace Farrell: mature, calm, cool and “together”. She is classy and business-like, yet maternal towards Annie and loves her from the start. She is Oliver Warbucks faithful secretary.  Soprano (A – high G)


Miss Agatha Hannigan: a “has-been” with an obvious distaste for her job and the children. She is the Matron of the Orphanage. She is very fond of alcoholic beverages! Mezzo Soprano (A - A flat)


Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan: Miss Hannigan’s criminal younger brother, a fraud who acts for his own gain. He has escaped jail and he and his sister plot against Annie. Baritone (B – high G)


Lily St. Regis: Rooster’s girlfriend, a bit of an airhead, wants to be rich. She is a gold digger. She and Rooster pose as Annie’s parents so they can fool Warbucks and get the 50,000 dollar reward. Soprano (D – high G)


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: the US President, wheelchair-bound. He helps Daddy Warbucks search for Annie. Baritone (C flat – E sharp)


Louis Brandeis: Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. He is called upon to assist Annie’s adoption.    

Bert Healy: a radio presenter who only speaks from the script in front of him! He agrees to broadcast Annie’s search for her parents.


The Boylan Sisters: Three Singers (Bonnie, Connie and Ronnie) who sing on the Bert Healy Show who hope to be famous some day.


Drake: the English Butler in the Warbucks Mansion. He is a good friend to Annie and Daddy Warbucks.


Lt. Ward: a Policeman sent after Annie who tries to take Sandy away. He finds her at the local shantytown of Hooverville.


Harold Ickes: Cabinet Minister who sings “Tomorrow” with Annie and Warbucks.


Cordell Hull:  Cabinet member


Henry Morgenthau: Cabinet member


Francis Perkins: Cabinet member


Bundles McCloskey: the cheeky laundry man.


Apple Seller: one of the many people at St. Mark’s Place, selling their produce who lives in Hooverville.   

Dogcatcher: an officer eager to remove stray dogs from the streets.

Cecille: a French maid in the Warbucks Mansion.  


Annette: another French maid in the Warbucks Mansion.


Mrs. Greer: the Housekeeper at the Warbucks Mansion.

Mrs. Pugh: the Cook at the Warbucks Mansion.  

Louis Howe: Roosevelt’s assistant; pushes his wheelchair.

Star-to-Be: just arrived in New York with a dream to become famous.  

Man in Brownstone Window: a grumpy man who asks for quiet when singing.  


Usherette: part of the cinema staff.  

Radio Announcer: makes the announcement about Annie’s parents on the radio.


Sound Effects Man: provides the sound for the radio show.  


Jimmy Johnson: the masked radio announcer.


Fred McCracken: radio personality


Artie:  Hoovervillite (Man 1)


Eddie: Hoovervillite (Man 2)


Ira : Hoovervillite (Woman 1)


Mary: Hoovervillite (Woman 2)


Peggy: Hoovervillite (Woman 3)


Sophie: Hoovervillite


Second Cop


Policeman: brings Sandy in a Christmas parcel at the end of the show.  


Child and Youth Ensemble will play:  


Orphans  SONGS:

“It’s a Hard Knock Life”

“It’s a Hard Knock Life” Reprise

“Fully Dressed”

“New Deal for Christmas”



Adult Ensemble will play the following:  


Servants in the Warbucks Mansion,  SONGS

“I think I’m Gonna Like it Here”

“You won’t be an Orphan for Long”

“I Don’t Need Anything But You”

“New Deal for Christmas”

Cabinet Ministers SONGS  

“ Cabinet Tomorrow”

“Cabinet End”

“New Deal for Christmas”    

People of Hooverville and New York City SONGS


“ NYC”