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(4 female; 5 male)

Albert Peterson – young man in early thirties, President of Almaelou Music Corp.

Rose Alvarez – Albert’s secretary, principal dancer and singer

Conrad Birdie – rock star

Mr. MacAfee (Harry) – father of Kim and Randolph

Mrs. MacAfee (Doris) – mother of Kim and Randolph

Kim MacAfee – 15 years old, very pretty and quite self-possessed

Randolph MacAfee – Kim’s younger brother

Hugo Peabody – Kim’s “steady”

Ursula Merkle – a hyper-enthusiastic dark-haired teen friend and neighbor of Kim’s


(8 female; 3 male)

Deborah Sue – Sweet Apple teenager (teen chorus)

Margie – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 5; Act I, Scene 7)

Alice – Sweet Apple teenager and Mayor’s daughter (teen chorus)

Harvey Johnson – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 2)

Helen – teenage singer (non-speaking)

Nancy – (teen chorus; speaks Act I, Scene 5)

Penelope – (voice; Act I, Scene 5; Act II, Scene 7)

Suzie (non-speaking)

Karl (non-speaking)

Freddie (non-speaking)